April 22, 2015

Visual Merchandising Love

I always had a passion for design and comercial spaces, and I´m very grateful to count on my own company to do this. I started Visual Studio to help companies in all of the stages of the creative process, not only visualizing but also creating them. Visual Studio is my life project today and it´s specialize in everything that have to do with the image or impression a company portrays. From the office decoration, to the window display and the promotional items and events that represent it. 
I leave you some pictures of project done by Visual Studio and invite you to enter to the website

Wall for exhibition of bottles 

Creation and building of creative furniture for liquor distributor

Image adaptation, led lighting installation, and framing for pictures

Bridesmaids creative invitations

Window display concept and project coordination
Visual Merchandising

Visual Merchandising

Window display coordination and mannequin styling

Window display coordination

Store design and decoration

Window display decoration

Mannequin Styling

Window display planning

Showroom interior design and project management

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