February 2, 2012

The Brandery Part I

The Brandery is an event where all important retailers and designer unite and present their products. It was a pleasant afternoon with friends, here is the first part of the pics. And sorry for disappearing so much! Enjoy the rest of your day!

Spanish: El Brandery es un evento que reune a todos los comercios y artistas para que presenten sus productos aqui en Barcelona. Fue una tarde amena con los amiga, aqui les presento el primer set de fotos. Y disculpen por desaparecer tanto, disfruten el resto de su dia!


Fashion and Fetish, all you need to know about the sexiest tendencies
I don't know why they have dogs on their stand but they are adorable! 

Bruna Sedo makeup
Painting with makeup
One of my favorites stands, the clothes they have is gorgeous!
Red leather skirt

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