January 20, 2010

Fashion Forecast for Spring Summer

Hey Beautiful Readers, I had to do an assignment for my school and one part was about the fashion forecasting and I felt like sharing it with you!


a. Outerwear
i. Boyfriend Blazer
ii. Loose Cardigans
iii. Trench Coats
iv. Square Jackets

b. Dresses
i. High Dress-splits

c. Pants
i. Patterned and printed pants
ii. Patch jeans
iii. Ripped and torn jeans
iv. Hot Pants
v. Boy shorts
vi. Extra short shorts
vii. High-waist hot pants

d. Casual
i. Jumpsuits
ii. Playsuits
iii. Cropped tops
iv. Knitted shirts
v. Pleated Tunics

e. Swimwear
i. One shoulder
ii. Monokinis
iii. Cut Away Bikinis

f. Accesories
i. Bunny Ears
ii. Extremely Big Headband bows and feather headbands


- There are many places such as Pantone and Interfilere, which investigate color trends for upcoming seasons. For the Spring/Summer 2010 season the colors that were mentioned the most were green derives, nude and pale colors, and some pale reds such as pinks, roses as well as corals.

- The following are the top ten trendiest colors in the palette of Pantone for Spring/Summer 2010.

1. Violet
2. Turquose
3. Fusion Coral
4. Tomato Puree
5. Tuscany
6. Amparo Blue
7. Pink Champagne
8. Tomato Puree
9. Dried Herb
10. Eucalyptus


- Since the eco look is one that is rising in the juniors family of business the use of natural fabrics is popular. Other finishes, such as wrinkle, crinkle, bleach, destroyed, washout, and jacquards fabrics are very prevalent for the Spring/Summer 2010 season.

- Since the style focus on nature some yarns like cotton, linen, hemp, bamboo, silk and mixtures, vintage optics. But the more demanding yarns are linen, hemp and bamboo.

- Most of the designs used on fabrics include ethnic stripes since multi-ethnic look is very common on this season too. Other designs such as linen checks and stripes, patchwork checks, tribal afro-graphics, herringbone, bleached floral prints, wax motifs, organic and painted motifs are wide used too for this time of the year.

The big bows are from Diane Von Furstenberg and the Fab Bunny Ears are from Louis Vouitton.

So which trend are your definitely going to wear?