January 27, 2010

Help Fashion Buy Local

As you may all know many fashion houses are closing due to the economic situation we are encountering. And I know we all want Prada to delight our eyes, DVF to make our fantasies come true, Balmain to guide us to the future, and Chanel to remember us how classy we can be. So if you want to support this economy try to buy local, check the label of your dress to see if it was produce in the U.S., I know we are not quitting to forever 21 but let's at least try to spend a little more in an item that is going to last longer and wow everyone. Like in Europe they may buy two suits from Balenciaga per season but they are going to use that suit with every accessory that they have, and combine with different pants of jackets, its just about being creative.
I wish you all a happy Wednesday :), and may fashion live forever.


Rosa Blanca