December 10, 2010

Sun, Beach, and little friends

So I lost all my connecting flights and was stuck in Aruba for 9 hours thank God I was able to solve my problem and take my flight to Trinidad, where I am right now. I decide to go for a walk meanwhile in Aruba and this is what I found:
The best water I have ever tasted

Awesome french onion soup

The pelican 

Iguanas were everywhere.. they were my little buddies :)

Did I mention they were everywhere?

Drunken birds.... lol the waiter told me they always come and drink from the sugary bottles.. they have their little happy hour :D

You can smoke inside the airport no closed area just there in the middle of the airport.. WTF!

Bar hopping should be a profession 

Beautiful Beaches

Now I hope this help my friends that are on the cold weathers to feel warmer... I'll be home on Monday so the posting will come back to normal ... sorry I havent answer anybody nothing :( Now I leave.. I have to continue working.

Love ya,



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