December 16, 2011

Fashionable Smoke

Smoking has been part of the fashion industry for many years, the habit of smoking has been portrayed as the "it" thing to do on editorials, magazines, etc. I understand this because a cig can make a model on a pic look more mysterious or can help emphasize a rebel look, if we look it in the more artistic way.

I am not a fan of smoking, not only because it makes your expensive perfume go away but also because it can ruin the whiteness of you teeth. But I know its hard to quit for many people, that's why you should search for a solution, specially if you feel that you are hooked on the unhealthy habit. Many people try hypnosis, a nicotine patch, eating more, etc. My roomate try Vapor 4Life , a vapor electronic "cigarette" which emanates flavored vapor from it. He hasn't stop smoking, but have lower his daily intake of cigarettes per day since the electronic one has some nicotine on it.

Sally Mann's Photography
Lindsay Lohan for Purple Mag
Lady Gaga smoking on the MTV Music Awards

Brigitte Bardot Smoking
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