March 8, 2012

A Visit to Harrods Part I

Many people enter into a store and the first thing they look is the new season top that is next to the fab jeans that look just as the one that celebrity wore in the paparazzo pic we saw on that awesome magazine. But when I enter into a store I look something different that goes beyond what looks hot or what its from the new season, I look for the whole retail experience and Harrods has fulfill my expectations and made my trip to London the greatest. It all starts on the street with me walking through the sidewalk looking at this spectacular window display where Marni, Bottega Veneta, Burberry, Prada, BALMAIN, and many other designer have their creations expose in the best way as possible, my inspiration flew and found no borders as I do this, making me wanting to know how they place that item that way, how they contruct that big scene, what the artist meant with that placed there, a bunch of questions. Then, I entered the placed with greetings from the doorman and a fantasy world opened, all kind of visual compositions, mannequins placed with the perfect outfit, the right music, and smell. It was the retail perfection like I have never seen before. Here are some pics for you to see what I have seen, but these can´t speak for themselves.

Guys buy this perfume, it smells awesome¡

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