October 21, 2011

Mannequins: A Fashion Magnet

Mannequins were invented by talented Adel Rootstein in England during the 1960s. The first one that became famous was a mold of Twiggy, which she made even before Twiggy became famous.

Los maniquíes fueron inventados por la talentosa Adel Rootstein en Inglaterra durante los años 60. El primero que se volvio famoso fue un molde de Twigy, el cual ella hizo incluso antes de que Twiggy fuera famosa.

United Colors of Benneton - Barcelona
Today we see again this mod cloth mannequin-pose that was first use by Adel.

Spanish: Hoy se ven de vuelta maniquíes con esta pose muy mod-cloth que fue usada primero por Adel.
Adel with her mannequins, see more on her website
Happy Friday,

Feliz Viernes

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