October 11, 2010

Fashion Interns


Hello, it has been a few months since I did my internship with Tommy Hilfiger but I receive some emails asking me to write a little bit more about fashion internships so I will :)
First, try to focus on an specific area. There is a world of opportunities in the fashion industry and we are unable to perform all of them. In my case, I decide to focus on Visual Merchandising since I have always like to fix stuff and sales. My job sometimes is very overwhelming because you get to open a store and there is only boxes on it that you have to organize in a customer efficient way. So, try to be ready for everything, investigate not only about the company but about the area you will focus (buying, selling, visual, styling, designing, marketing, public relations,etc.). 
Also, if you have never work before there is a possibility that you may be overwhelmed and cry. I didn't thanks to the great environment I was blessed to have but our professors advice us about the big chances of crying and breaking out. Don't worry it happens to a lot of people. 
Finally, if you feel you are not learning nothing or doing nothing notify your advisors and internship directors at school. There is a case of a girl in my school that got to work at a retail store but she didn't did anything related to the store. They use her as a model of the clothes at the entrance of the store giving flyers of discounts and promotions. She talk to our advisors and they talk to the store and they solve the problem.  Remember to always do everything that is in the best interest for you.

BTW if you are doing an internship in the next 3 months send me an email and I can help you a little bit with some contacts I have on the US only. 

Take care and remember to email me if there is any other doubt you have. 

Window Display from Ralph Lauren Panama