November 27, 2010

Evening at Tiffany's

Fashion blogs in Panama were invited to the first exclusive look of the new collection at Tiffany and Co.we had the exclusive!! After drinks, food, and awesome chocolate truffles we began our tour where we got to know everything related about the company and the new collection. Fun Fact: Tiffany and Co. was the one who redesign the great seal of United States of America in 1885, so we all carry a little piece of Tiffany in our one dollar bill. Hope you enjoy this :)

Spanish: Los blogs de moda en Panama fueron invitados para la vista exclusiva de la nueva coleccion de Tiffany and Co. Despues de bebidad, comida, y unas trufas de chocolate para morirse empezamos nuestro tour donde nos empapamos mas con la historia y nueva coleccion del lugar. Dato Curioso: Tiffany and Co fue elegido para rediseƱar el gran sello de Estados Unidos de America en 1885, asi que todos cargamos un pedazito de Tiffany en nuestro billete de un dolar. Espero les guste el reportaje.

The famous blue box. If you dont buy anything at Tiffany, you can't even buy it.

I try this ring of the flower which represent the green social act of the company... 
Me and Mauricio from Trou Noir 

I couldn't keep my hands of the amazing celebration rings!!! Sorry for my mani I'm a hard worker lol...

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