August 20, 2011

Beautiful Award

Yeii, I got an award from my friend of The Little Petite. 

It includes these rules: Link back to the person who gave you this award, Complete the form below, Share 7 random things about yourself, Award 15 bloggers this award and notify them of the award
P.S. You don't HAVE to do all that if you don't want to, I'm just sharing with you :)
Name your favorite color- Pink, turquoise 
Name your favorite song-  Not one in specific but I like Soda Estereo one called Entre Canibales
Name your favorite dessert-No me olvides (Don't forget me) from La Inmaculada. A combination of an ice cream with cake and a great caramel syrup.
What pisses you off- When people complain too much and don't advance.
When your upset you- call my mom or one of my best friends
Your favorite pet-Doggies
Black or white-White
Your biggest fear-To get hurt
Best feature-  Balanced
Everyday attitude- Positive 
What is perfection-Peace
Guilty pleasure- Chocolate!

7 random things about myself:
1. I love yoga and meditation. If I could go to India like Eat Love and Pray I will
2. I love the feeling of starting fresh again. Like breaking with a boy, moving town, giving all your clothes, quitting a job, etc. (every ends brings a lovely beginning)
3. I was a vegetarian for two years now I'm pescatorian (eat seafood only) on some days
4.I like to listen to opera when I cook
5. My family is my treasure
6. I didn't wanted to get married until I had a bad airplane experience (from that day on I want to marry and have kids in a far future)
7. If I get to retire in a future I will have a little restaurant in Santa Catalina. A gorgeous beach in Panama far away from the city.
Bloggers: Carol Coraline
The Black Label
 Have a Good Night :)

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