August 30, 2011

Weekend of Peace

Sorry for the lack of posting this weekend but I was on the inner side of the country where the Internet is no good. I was being host of the semifinals for one of the most beautiful competitions that are celebrated in Panama, an oratory contest, where students are judge by their eloquence and intellect. Every little town in Panama choose a winner and then all the winners gather together on the gran finale where they can win up to 250,000 dollars on prizes! You can see more here.
And since I was there with my family we took advantage of time and visit our house in the mountains so it was very relaxing. I have to say that one of the things that make me the happiest is to play with little calfs, they are the cutest!!
Hope you enjoy this rest of the month and have new hopes and dreams for beautiful September.
Zara Pants, Motivi Blazer

Our little house in the mountain :)
My view while I was working from home

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